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Promo Charges & Details for businesses and individuals who want to reach our audience with their products and services.

Reach a Larger Audience

Our listeners are in 61 countries with 60% concentrated in the Western World, 30% in Africa, and 10% dispersed in other regions.

Native Ads

Usually about 30 seconds long and
aired before the episode or at the
halfway mark (in other words as a mid-roll ad).

Product Placement Ad

When we mention the brand during the episode. The sponsor must wait for the right episode that aligns with the goal of the sponsor.

Direct Response Ad

This is a mixture of a native ad and a product placement ad. The host of the Living African Podcast will sell the ad with a call to action.

We Run Sponsored
Content Ads

In this scenario, the sponsor will pay Living African Podcast in exchange for creating content about a relevant topic. We will mention which brand has sponsored that specific episode.

Get In Touch For More Information on Ads

At LAP Ads, we are flexible with pricing, offer a wide range of Ads, and are willing to create a specification that meets your needs in order to reach our audience with your product and services. Get In Touch

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