Still in the window of Financial Literacy, today we will continue a discussion on the new wave of Agriculture in Africa. Yes, agriculture as we know it, is changing rapidly in Africa with new technologies, investment opportunities, massive growth, and development. So I decided to invite someone special who is at the front and center of this agricultural revolution in Africa, to have an in-depth discussion with us.  

Get to meet our guest:

Paschal Kum Awah is Chair of Anthropology at the Roland Fomundam, founder and CEO of Greenhouse Ventures (GHV) is a seasoned social entrepreneur. Over the past ten years, he devoted his time to finding lasting solutions to tackle challenges facing Africa’s agricultural communities that make up over 65 percent of Africa’s labor force and account for about 32 percent of gross domestic product (FAO). 

Roland started GHV, to address these challenges, improving the agricultural ecosystem to increase production and profit as a means to empower farmers and promote the cultivation of valued foods in a sustainable manner.

Since its inception, the company has successfully introduced greenhouse farming to Cameroon and Cameroonians in a way that has attracted and engaged more youths in the industry than usual. His successes are now being replicated in other countries like Uganda, Nigeria, Sudan, and Ghana where the company is currently carrying out studies for proper implementation. 

The GHV business has been instrumental in getting these greenhouses in the hands of many users who have attested to its successes in terms of their return on investment(ROI) and happiness. 

He has also led research teams in Cameroon made up of students established through an educational network from Northeastern University where he earned a Masters in Technology Entrepreneurship. Roland’s solutions and ideas have been implemented in several communities throughout Cameroon. He is also a visiting lecturer in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in a few universities in Cameroon. 

Roland is a technology and business development, expert. He is a philosopher, a success coach, a mentor, a pragmatist, and a thought leader. His ambitions and works are geared towards the establishment of platforms with sustainable business models to engage individuals and communities for win-win outcomes.

“We cannot keep making the same mistakes and giving the same excuses. We can’t keep using the same parables because something has to change and that depends on us.”

– Roland Fomundam

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