A New Year always signifies a new start. That usually means new year resolutions and promises to cultivate new habits. Being financially stable always falls amongst the most popular New Year resolutions and that shouldn’t be surprising. Financial freedom is typically the ultimate goal in everyone’s life but not many people know how to achieve this goal; especially not in our African community. You will be surprised at how much information is being made available to us to help sort out our finances, but we tend to not take advantage of that.

Get to meet our guest:

As a new parent, I have grown very fond of making sure that the finances of me and mine are set for life. They say knowledge is power, and that is why I have here with me Dr. Martin Kwende (featuring Mr. Mark Stewart) to provide us with helpful information on how to attain generational wealth and financial freedom.

The way I define wealth is by the “5 F’s” – Faith, Family, Finance, Fitness and Fun. If you are wealthy, then you have a good balance in those five key areas of life.

– Dr. Martin Kwende

Connect with Dr. Martin Kwende, PhD, MBA:

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – World Financial Group /// 2221 Oakland Road, Suite 100 / San Jose, CA 95131

Cell: 707-235-6439 / eFax: 408-824-1440 /// Email: tino4k@gmail.com / Instagram: @DrMKwende

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