What exactly is the fourth trimester? This is basically the first three months of a mom and baby’s life after delivery; just like another “trimester” of pregnancy. While new parents prepare for the baby to come, they often find themselves feeling surprised by how disorienting and overwhelming it is to care for a newborn baby. For the baby, imagine being in a comfortable space for 9 months and then suddenly taken out of it to an entirely different environment where you have to fend for yourself. You will need time to adjust.

Meanwhile for the mother, imagine trying to recover from childbirth with your body and mind going through huge changes, while trying to accommodate your baby’s needs and take care of yourself. It could quickly get overwhelming.

So why are we talking about this?

From experience, it is pretty sad to say nobody truly openly talks about such experiences. I personally would’ve loved to know what to expect if someone sat me

down to explain the reality of life in the fourth trimester. So, we decided to share our experiences to help someone out there, especially new parents to be.

For the guys out there, I will really just say if there is one thing you can do, just make yourself available [to support your partner].

 – Eugene Mbanya

Although there is certainly joy, the first few months can feel fragmented, unbearably exhausting—and the relentless needs of a newborn can make parents feel like they never get a break.

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