A wise person once said – in life, everyone should have a mentor and a sponsor. Each one of us has been influenced by someone before with or without even knowing it. Most often than not, we get to every stage we find ourselves in life with the help of someone, or we have helped someone get to some stage in their lives as well.

In our African community, the concept of mentorship is seldom discussed or practiced. The level of competition, expectation and sometimes hate, makes it somewhat difficult to support and uplift each other. But we fail to understand that it usually takes a village to reach higher heights in life. So, let me ask you – who is YOUR Village?

This week, I will be speaking with two very vital members of my village – my mentors – to break down the importance of mentorship and why we all need mentors in our lives, and to mentor someone else. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to mentorship, or if you want clarity on the expectations of a mentor-mentee relationship, then this episode is for you.

Get to meet our guest:

Dr. Sidonie Niba is a Cameroonian who currently serves as the Director of US Field Medical Excellence at Pharmacosmos Therapeutics, Inc. and has worked in a variety of roles with progressive experiences across clinical, academia and pharmaceutical industry settings. As a career strategist and mentor for underrepresented Medical professionals, Sidonie has spent the last 5 years helping dozens of clients transition into life-changing career and growth opportunities. She is an avid advocate for mentorship and coaching within both the professional and personal domains. 

Dr. Zera Hongla immigrated to the US from Cameroon at age 18 and completed her Bachelors in Science in Biochemistry at the University of Maryland. She then completed her Doctorate in Pharmacy at the Notre Dame of Maryland University in Baltimore. Upon graduation, she worked as a retail pharmacist but later moved to work on the Native American reservations in New Mexico as the Pharmacy Director.  Following that position, she now works with the Food and Drug Administration.

member of the Association of Nigerian Physicians and Texas Medical Association. Her clinical interests include adolescent and teen gynecology, high-risk obstetrics, minimally invasive procedures, outpatient surgeries, contraception, pelvic pain, menopause, health maintenance, and general gynecology. Dr. Ekwo and her staff take pride in providing extraordinary care to their patients during all stages of a woman’s life.

If we think with a mind of abundance, that there are plenty of opportunities and enough space for everybody to grow and be the best in what they want to do, there is a benefit for everybody to do well as a community.

– Dr. Zera Hongla

CONTACT Dr. Sidonie Niba: sidonie@thenurturedprofessional.com

CONTACT Dr. Zera Hongla: ​​zkwende1@nfombadgmail-com

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