Till Abuse Do Us Part – Anne Alobwede (Part 2)

This is part two of the interview with Anne Alobwede.

We continue our conversations around the topic of domestic abuse/violence. Domestic abuse and intimate partner violence have been rampant in the African community, and this issue needs immediate attention and action. With this sense of urgency, please help me spread the word and raise awareness of domestic abuse’s reality. Extend a helping hand to the affected people by getting involved in the Non-profit organization, JustLikeYou(JLU)Global Foundation, or other organizations that supports the movement against domestic violence.

In this episode, we discuss Anne’s experiences during her incarceration and time at the Ice Detention Center and how that has changed her perspective about life as a whole.

[00:01 – 07:43] Time in Prison

  • Anne talks about her time in prison. Let’s all learn from her story.
    • “Not all people labeled a ‘felon’ is a bad person.”

[07:44 – 18:15] Life After Prison

  • Anne discusses her struggles after her incarceration
    • Struggled to get accepted back to the community
    • A time for healing
  • Anne’s advice for people that have finished serving their sentence and are struggling to fit back into society
  • Anne talks about how she is doing now after all of her struggles
  • Anne gives a quick plug to JustLikeYou(JLU) Global Foundation

[19:58 – 21:56] Take Action

  • Anne’s advice for people experiencing abuse or are in an abusive relationship

[21:57 – 28:22] Closing Segment

  • Get a copy of Anne’s book, Scars to Stars, on Amazon.
  • Connect with Anne. Links available below.
  • Final thoughts and call to action

Tweetable Quotes:

“Life can take a different turn at any second and any minute. You never know.” – Anne Alobwede

“You have to focus on those that care about you. Don’t worry about the people that are backlashing you or saying things, negative things about you.” – Anne Alobwede

“My mistake doesn’t define me.” – Anne Alobwede

Learn more about Anne Alobwede:

Support the JustLikeYou(JLU) Global Foundation, a non-profit organization that advocates for victims of domestic violence. Visit their website at www.justlikeyouglobal.com

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