Let’s Talk About Mental Health – Schizophrenia w/ Arnold & Donald Fosah (P2)

This is part two of our conversations with Donald and Arnold Fosah.

In part one, we talk about the realities of Schizophrenia from the perspectives of a patient, family member, and healthcare professional. In this episode, we continue talking about Donald’s struggles with his illness and how his family is helping him through his journey.

We dig deeper into Schizophrenia – [00:01 – 10:46] 

  • Donald and Arnold shares how Schizophrenia affects their daily lives

Let’s support each other – [10:47 – 22:01]

  • The importance of having a good support system
  • How you can support someone dealing with mental illnesses

What keeps you moving forward? – [22:02 – 28:56] 

  • Donald talks about what keeps him going and fighting against his illness

Advice about Schizophrenia – [28:57 – 42:16] 

  • Donald and Arnold shares facts about Schizophrenia and advice on how you can help someone suffering from it
  • Get in touch with them. Links available below.

Tweetable Quotes: 

“Understanding yourself is very important. If you don’t understand yourself, you’ll not be able to forge ahead.” – Donald Fosah

You can contact the two of them through Arnold’s private practice at https://verdantbehavioralhealth.com/ or by sending him an email at fosahpmhnp@gmail.com 

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