042: Teen Mental Health – W/ Jada Yudom

Mental health has always been a topic of interest in our community and several strides have been made to have open conversations and address mental issues head-on. However, mental health amongst teens is not as discussed especially due to the stereotypes that come with being a teenager, especially in the African community. The mental health issues that teenagers encounter nowadays are very misrepresented by what our community considers “the teenage experience” and this makes it easy for their mental wellbeing to be ignored just because they are teenagers.

Today, our focus on teenage mental health will give you insight into what goes on in a teenager’s mind as well as what they really think about the community’s outlook on them. In this very resourceful episode, our guest Jada Yudom, a teenager and author, will break down some aspects of teen mental health from her book #TeenMentalHealth. I would love to use this opportunity to call on all parents and teenagers to give this episode a listen and give her book a read, and I hope you get inspired as much as I was. 


Jada Atchu Yudom (she/her) is a sixteen-year-old Cameroonian American mental health advocate. She co-founded Revive, a youth-led organization focused on normalizing the conversation around mental health. With her business partner Sania Ahmad, she also co-authored a book around the same topic and more. One day, she hopes the future generations will be able to speak up about their feelings without the stigma holding them back.


Instagram – @reviveorg; Her personal insta – @jadayudom; Sania Ahmad’s Instagram – @saniafahmad. Their podcast – @thrivewithrevive, and chronicles – @revivechronicles. Their book: #TeenMentalHealth  & Their website – www.revivementalhealth.org

Things You Will Learn in This Episode:

[00:01 – 12:00] Introduction to Teen Mental Health

  • What really is Teen Mental Health?
  • Preface of Jada’s Book

[12:00 – 26:00] The Motivation Behind the #TeenMentalHealth Book

  • Experiences  & stories  that motivated Jada
  • The culture of silencing mental health issues
  • Ways in which we misunderstand teenagers
  • The importance of learning general skills

[26:00 – 44:00] Teenagers & Mental Health Awareness

  • Mental health challenges teenagers face
  • The negative and positive sides of peer-pressure
  • Summarizing some chapters in Jada’s book
  • The perception of teenagers as “hormonal”

[44:00 – 56:00] Jada’s Inspiration

  • How Jada’s sister autistic inspired her journey
  • Anyoh shares her experience with her brother 
  • Cancelling the subscription to Peer Pressure
  • We need to listen to our children 
  • Bullying and all that comes with it

[56:00 – 1:10:00] More Chapters on Jada’s Book

  • Relationship experiences as teenagers
  • Guiding your emotions and learning from your experiences
  • Teenagers need to seek help and empower each other
  • The need to create a safe space and listen to our teenagers

[1:10:00 – 1:18:00]  Final Words

  • How to support the mental health of teenagers
  • How to reach Jada and support her charity
  • Final words from Anyoh.


“For sure, our African parents want to keep doing what they know based on their upbringing, but that isn’t not working in these times. Times have changed and the issues we’re facing as African teens in America is different and so we expect our community to change to meet our needs.”– Jada Yudom

“As teenagers, the time we spent as teenagers is basically the trial. These are issues and complications we have to face in order to transition into adulthood so it is important to know about these issues and equip yourself with all the tools needed to overcome such issues when they come up.”– Jada Yudom

“Sometimes, the best solution is to give teenagers some space, then sit them down, try to listen to them when they’re ready, and make time for them. Don’t force past solutions on them because it may not work.”– Jada Yudom

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