034: Surviving Breast Cancer (Part 3) – W/ Akwi Tah, Dr. Munoh Foma & Gwendolyn Ngu

We continue our discussion on breast cancer and this time we talk extensively about the history and science of cancer treatment. Using Akwi’s and Gwendolyn’s cases, Dr Foma explains treatment procedures and medications used for different kinds of cancer. 

We talk about the healthcare system in Cameroon, where Dr. Foma started practice. Akwi and Gwendolyn present their different non-profit organizations that work with cancer patients in Cameroon and advocate for cancer awareness. 

[00:01 – 02:40] Opening segment

[02:40 – 08:21] Akwi’s Experience with cancer treatment

  • The diagnosis and testing process
  • The steps she had to take before starting treatment
  • The treatment process and reaction to medications

[08:31 –  10:33]  Discussion on Breast Reconstruction

  • The healthcare factors of breast reconstruction

[10:33 – 25:00] Preparing patients for treatment, different cancer medications and their applications

  • Kinds of cancer and treatment methods
  • Different drugs, uses and side effects
  • Comparing and contrasting Gwen and Akwi’s cancers and treatment processes

[25: 01 –  38:22] History of Cancer treatment and myths

  • Evolution of cancer treatment
  • Improvements in chemotherapy
  • Scientific developments in cancer treatment
  • Treatment practices
  • Alternative treatment myths

[38:23 – 50:45] Life with and after breast cancer (Akwi’s Story)

  • Emotional factors
  • Physical and lifestyle changes

[50:46 –  58: 15] Best practices or habits for cancer patients

  • Advice from Dr Foma on how to cope with cancer
  • Dealing with the community
  • Working with medical staff

[58:16 – 01: 07: 05] Resources for Cancer patients

  • Available resources
  • Life for cancer patients in Cameroon
  • Cancer and Cameroon’s healthcare system

[01:07:05 – END]  Akwi and Gwendolyn’s work with cancer patients in Cameroon

Quotable Tweets

“My advice usually to those back home overall is  that prevention is better than cure. The way Africa is, the way Cameroon is, the way our healthcare system is, prevention is the best tool we have.” – Dr Munoh Foma

“Sustainability is something we should always think about.  All the organizations going to Cameroon should actually have that as part of their mission – whatever advocacy your are going in to provide. If you are providing machines, you want make sure those machines  are friendly in the tropical region, you have people who are able to repair them, and also that they are machines you can find replacement parts for.” – Dr Munoh Foma

“Hospice is one thing we do not have and we are not even welcoming in our society. Fortunately, I am a hospice nurse and I have helped a lot of people transition. We are all going to die but there is nothing better than helping somebody or seeing your family member transition in a more peaceful or pain free way.” – Gwendolyn Ngu

“When I shared my story I had a couple of women reach out to me from Cameroon to tell me that they were either in treatment or were survivors and it really took me by surprise because back home I knew only of one person that had breast cancer. A lot of young women reach out to me and I tried to get more information about how their treatment process was. It was when I realized I was really lucky to have had to deal with cancer in America and have good insurance; back home, it is a jungle. That is why decided to  create the foundation, so I could help.” – Akwi Tah

Referenced Material:

Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer

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