033: Surviving Breast Cancer (Part 2) – W/ Akwi Tah, Dr, Munoh Foma & Gwendolyn Ngu

We continue our conversation on breast cancer awareness. In this episode, Gwendolyn Ngu joins us again, this time with two other special guests; another breast cancer survivor and a medical doctor. We dive deeper into the topic of breast cancer with greater emphasis on the science. Akwi Tah shares her gruesome journey battling cancer while Dr Munoh gives us more insight into the disease from a medical perspective.  You will learn a lot about Breast cancer in this episode;  different types that exist and how they are classified, the causes, genetic features etc. You will also learn about different treatment options and the future of treatment in general. , 

[00:01- 02: 02] Opening segment

[02:03 – 08:30 ] Introduction of Topic and Guests

  • An overview of breast cancer 
  • Important facts and statistics
  • Prognosis and prevalence in Africa

[08:31 –  12:30 ]  Breast cancer and race

  • Prevalence of breast cancer in Black women vs white women
  • Some statistics
  • Prognosis in black women compared to other races
  • The case for black women in Africa

[12:31 – 17: 30 ] Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer

  • Screening
  • Diagnosis

[17: 31 –  23:20] Preventive Care

  • Cancer risks
  • Medical recommendations
  • Common screening practices
  • Genetics and family history

[23:21 – 30:30 ] Akwi Tah’s Breast Cancer Story

  • Getting diagnosed
  • Getting the news of a cancer diagnosis
  • Dealing with the knowledge of her new health status
  • Her treatment process

[30:31 –  35: 22] Revisiting Gwendolyn’s Story

  • Getting Diagnosed
  • Difference between her case and Akwi’s case
  • Her treatment process 

[35:23 – 46: 40] Classification of Breast Cancers

  • Dr Munoh Reacts to both Cancer stories
  • The role of patients in diagnosis and treatment
  • Kinds of Breast cancer
  • History of cancer treatments
  • Scientific progress and evolution 
  • Treatment options

[46: 41 – 54: 10]  Breast Cancer/Cancer treatment in Cameroon and Africa

  • The Healthcare system for Cancer
  • Availability of Cancer treatment specialist

[54: 11- END] Breast Cancer in Men

  • Prevalence
  • Classifications
  • Treatment

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