031: A Fibroid Story – W/ Nehawa Abam

Today, we start a new conversation on Fibroids & their impact on the lives of our African women. The goal of this conversation is to educate as well as inspire and empower women/couples facing this health complication. Most importantly, this conversation aims to sensitize our community on reasons why we need to be more sensitive and show empathy towards each other especially when it comes to fertility conversations.

Meet our guest – Mrs. Nehawa Ngundam Abam, An IT Consultant, Business Owner, and Founder of the movement FIBROIDS AWARENESS CAM. Nehawa is passionate, about IT, Customer Service Management and devotes her time reaching out to women by advocating for Fibroids, a condition that is very rampant amongst women; especially women of color.   Being a Fibroids survivor, Nehawa has used her own personal experiences and dedicated her time and resources to create a safe space for women with similar issues. The end goal is to encourage women to turn their pain into power. #GirlPower

Now, let’s dive into Episode 31!

[00:01 – 05:39] Introduction

  • Introducing the guest and sharing a brief background on the topic.

[05:40 – 18:16] Nehawa’s Story

  • The beginning of her foundation
  • How her experience with fibroids inspired her to start the foundation
  • Her journey to her fibroid diagnosis
  • Going through miscarriage & being wrongly treated
  • The doctor that broke the news 

[18:16 – 29:18] The Surgery Process

  • Going to surgery
  • The mental burnout & need for support
  • Going through recovery 

[29:18 – 40:23] The Emotional & Mental Struggles

  • Masking her emotions
  • The huge support from family
  • How the death of her Dad affected her
  • Getting Professional Health

[40:23 – 48:09] Effect of Surgery on Fertility

  • Different surgeries and their effects
  • Consultations before surgery
  • Calling out superstitious & hurtful beliefs
  • Being educated on every procedure the doctor proposes

[48:09 – 57:18] How Fibroids affected Her Life in General

  • Facing societal pressure on having kids
  • Shattering dreams and marital challenges
  • Anyoh talks about how society needs to become more sensitive

[57:18 – 01:10:18] Nehawa’s Philanthropic Work

  • Challenges faced in this line of work
  • Overcoming stigmatization
  • Organizing programs & Leveraging online conferences
  • Connecting with the foundation

[1:05:36 – 1:10:18] Final Discussions

  • Anyoh talks about overcoming stress
  • Nehawa shares Inspiration on how to overcome
  • How to contact Nehawa

Tweetable Quotes:

“When going through such complications [like fibroids], you badly need a strong support system that will be there for you anytime, anywhere.” – Nehawa Abam

“My catchphrase for fibroid awareness is; turn your pain into strength. Yes, because you have to find the inner strength to overcome.” – Nehawa Abam

“I may sound harsh but our community needs to mind their own business when it comes to pressuring people on marriage and having children.” – Anyoh Fombad

“I don’t know why in our community; women’s health and issues are always treated with so much stigmatization that women can’t even freely speak about what they’re going through.”  – Nehawa Abam

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