030: Sex & Marriage: Debunking The African Perspective -W/ Lawler[PT. 2]

Today, we continue our conversation on the outlook on Sex & Marriage in the African Community. The goal is to challenge some of the myths and ideologies that limit couples from experiencing the full sexual pleasures of marriage.  This episode has explicit content and listener’s discretion is advised. This episode is for adults only – 18 years of age and older.

 Our guest for today, Lola Bade-Aluko who is also known as “Lawler”, is a Nigerian Clinical Psychologist and Sexologist currently based in South Africa. Lawler is a wearer of many hats and has taken on a number of great opportunities in her lifetime. She is a Talk Practitioner, a host at various radio talk programs in Nigeria, England, and Swaziland and also runs a Psychological Unit called Shoulders and a reach-out unit called “Real Issues with Lawler” where she volunteers, hosts talk shows and does counseling. She does all this also while working as the Executive Director of a Technology Firm. 

On a more personal level, she is a proud mother to two young adults and a wifey. Lawler is very passionate about mindset transformation and believes in the use of media as well as various other forms of outreach techniques in Behavioral Modification. Now, let’s dive into Episode 30!

[00:01 – 10:56] Sex Through The Years

  • The progress that has been made over the years and generations when it comes to being open about our sex lives.

[10:56 – 18:46] Sex and Religious Ideologies

  • Lawler shares her thoughts on how religion affects our sex lives
  • Being open-minded with our sexual experiences

[18:46 – 33:05] The Use of Sex Toys

  • The taboo of having/using sex toys
  • The idea of having sex toys in your marriage
  • The need to learn and unlearn facts about sex toys

[33:05 – 43:33] Orgasms

  • The common outlook on orgasms
  • Lawler shares an experience she had with a couple on orgasm
  • The need for couples to educate themselves on orgasms

[43:33 – 53:45] Discussion on Aphrodisiac

  • The buzz around Kayanmata
  • Lawler educates us on aphrodisiacs

[53:45 – 1:03:33] Final Discussions

  • Lawler gives deep knowledge to couples on how to spice up their sex lives.
  • Final words from Anyoh on the last episode of Sex & Marriage

Tweetable Quotes:

“When it comes to orgasms, most couples are not knowledgeable about them. They literally know nothing about orgasms and they need to begin with education on what an orgasm is and how to reach it.” – Lola Bade-Aluko

“Your husband or wife can’t be in the mood 24/7 and 365days a year so sometimes, you have to psych your partner’s mindset towards sex and indulge in a bit of seduction in order to set them in the mood.” – Lola Bade-Aluko

“We hold unto some religious norms and myths which deny us the full experience of pleasure in sex.” – Anyoh Fombad

“Our women are now asking questions about their sex life, working on their bodies, and finding out more ways to enjoy sex and reach an orgasm.”  – Lola Bade-Aluko

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