025: Let’s Talk About Sex [Education] -W/ Lola Bade-Aluko [PART 2]

In this episode, we continued speaking with Lola Bade-Aluko who is also known as “Lawler”, a Proudly Nigerian  Clinical Psychologist and Sexologist currently based in South Africa. Lawler is a wearer of many hats and has taken on several great opportunities in her lifetime. She is a Talk Practitioner, a host at various radio talk programs in Nigeria, England, and Swaziland, and also runs a Psychological Unit called Shoulders and a reach-out unit, called Real Issues with Lawler where she volunteers, hosts talks and does counseling. She does all this also while working as the Executive Director of a Technology Firm.

On a more personal level, she is a proud mother to two young adults and a wifey. Lawler is very passionate about mindset transformation and believes in the use of media as well as various other forms of outreach techniques in Behavioural Modification.

[00:01 – 03:16] Opening Segment

  • Introduction

[03:16 – 13:54] Demystifying Sex

  • The African Mentality on Sex
  • Reasons why African Parents saw talking about sex as a taboo
  • The need to have a positive view about sex
  • Understanding that ypu\re the custodian of your body
  • The Stages of Se Education according to age

[13:54 – 29:03] How Sex Education helps to Prevent Sexual Abuse

  • Teaching children about abuse
  • How silencing children encourages abuse
  • Lawler shares her experience with his child
  • The Lack of Knowledge in our Community

[30:54 – 44:30] Sex Education in African Schools

  • Why Sex Education isn’t Encouraged in African Schools
  • How some African Countries are changing the narrative
  • The Nigerian & South Africa examples
  • Sharing a sleepover story
  • Applying the stages of sex education

[44:30 – 57:12] Final Suggestions & Remarks

  • Steps we need to take in order to educate our teens on sex
  • Creating a safe environment for children to press themselves
  • We need to stop overreacting about sex
  • How to reach out to Lawler
  • The promise of having 18+ Episode on Sex Education
  • Final words on this topic

Tweetable Quotes:

“Educating our youth about sex will help them understand what they feel, why they feel the way they feel, and what to do about it.” – Anyoh Fombad

“Most African Parents are scared of sexual education because they think it will give the teens a wrong exposure. No, it will rather empower them to take control of their sexuality.” – Lola Bade-Aluko

“If we educate our adolescents on sex accurately, there will be less sexual abuse in our community.” – Lola Bade-Aluko

“We owe our children an obligation to create a safe space where they can talk about sex with us. And that obligation, we can fulfill if we want to.” – Anyoh Fombad

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