019: Divorce and Life Thereafter – W/ Susan Mancho

Today, am talking with Susan Mancho who was born and raised in Bamenda Cameroon until the age of 10 when she later joined my mother in the USA Maryland in 1990. She obtained a master’s degree in Information Systems from Penn State University and worked in the IT field for over 20 years. She is a serial entrepreneur – Running a Financial Consulting Firm (CORE Financial Partners), A franchise gym (Anytime Fitness Jessup), and a Trucking Company (Faith Trucking).

She is a divorcee and we will be talking about Divorce and Life Thereafter to educate our community about divorce, how to mitigate through such situations, and how to live your authentic self.

[00:01 – 02:25] Opening Segment

  • Introduction of Guest and Topic

[02:25 – 10:31] Meeting Her Husband

  • How she met her then-husband
  • How the community influenced their marriage
  • When everything went astray

[10:31 – 20:30] The Divorce

  • How they came to the agreement on a divorce
  • The process of divorce 
  • The difficulties of divorce
  • How the children took it
  • What she learned in the process

[20:30 – 46:53] Outro Discussions

  • How women should see marriage
  • Picking your light
  • Set higher standards
  • The Lessons everyone needs to hear

Tweetable Quotes:

“We were thought to put everyone first as African women. That narrative must change.” – Anyoh Fombad

“For your marriage to work, you need two people willing to fight, and the minute one person is not willing to fight – there’s nothing you can do.” – Susan Mancho

“I was thinking about the years I have invested into the marriage, the kids, and how the community will perceive me until I said enough is enough.” – Susan Mancho

“Sometimes, we just have to accept that we married the wrong people.”- Susan Mancho

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