Let’s Talk About Mental Health – Schizophrenia w/ Arnold & Donald Fosah (P1)

In celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month, we continue talking about things that affect our mental health and raise awareness about them. Today we focus on Schizophrenia with Arnold and Donald Fosah.

Arnold and Donald’s lives have been affected by Schizophrenia, and today they will help us see this illness through the perspectives of a patient, family, and healthcare professional.

How Schizophrenia affected Donald’s life – [00:01 – 20:34]

  • Donald shares his story as a patient with Schizophrenia.
  • How it affected his personal and family’s lives

Bringing their family together and strengthening their bond – [20:35 – 27:14] 

  • Arnold shares his perspective as a healthcare professional and as Donald’s older brother
  • Arnold talks about his journey to becoming a healthcare professional

Stigma in the African community – [27:15 – 36:15]

  • We talk about the stigma around mental health in the African community

Tweetable Quotes:

“The fortunate thing that I can say about Wally and also kind of seeing the perseverance of my family is that it brought us together around him.” – Arnold Fosah 

You can contact the two of them through Arnold’s private practice at https://verdantbehavioralhealth.com/ or by sending him an email at fosahpmhnp@gmail.com

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